What the Fleet Friday? 10/25/19

So in the last few weeks GVF fans have been disappointed that the last four shows of the Fall US tour were cancelled. Mainly though their concern was for Josh’s health condition as it was reported he had the Flu. Fans are now happy that these shows have all been rescheduled for December and pictures have surfaced that he is back on the mend.

Most notably about the cancellations are the people and multi generational families that traveled to attend some or all of the shows. And although the shows cancelled all those who traveled still gathered together in friendship and made the best of times! It’s definitely a true and real love for the GVF boys, their music, their humble beginnings and their  mission of Peace, Love and Unity! I am truly happy to be apart of this phenomenal journey.

While I attended both shows at Red Rocks last month I was fortunate to meet some fans who traveled far and wide with their mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers, brothers, wives and husbands. A truly remarkable thing to witness music joining families and people together. I personally traveled with my new found “Greta Sisters” whom I have come to love and adore. I hope anyone reading this will have or have had the opportunity to experience Greta Van Fleet’s music’s movement of LOVE PEACE & UNITY!

Here are some of the people I  met at Red Rocks who traveled from Canada, Iowa, Wyoming, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Kansas, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. If you see yourself or someone you know please say HI and tell us what you love about GVF in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!

Have a GRETA day!

~Gail Ann

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  1. Going to see GVF at Red Rocks will forever be one of my favorite concert experiences. Seeing my Greta sisters and making new ones is always one of the best things about a GVF show anywhere, but we can all agree RR is a very special place, that you have to experience once in your lifetime. My Greta sisters, I cant wait for the next tour when we join again for our next GVF show….love ya!!

    1. Yes!! I have loved reading your awesome posts/writing for a long time. Im so glad we ran into each other too! Love your beatiful smile & Soul. I am sure we will see each other again.

  2. I see the picture of The singer for “😊🎶Too Loud” Kids Rock group from School of Rock. Vedder Gabriel🎶🎶🌹

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