Ultimate Guitar votes GVF as a Top 5 band

Users of UltimateGuitar.com recently voted on the "Top 5 Bands That Rose to Fame in the Last 15 Years" and Greta Van Fleet made the list!

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Every band needs to start somewhere. It took years for the big and famous artists, whose music we enjoy today, to rise to stardom and bless the world with their music. During the last week, we here at Ultimate Guitar decided to take a closer look at some relatively younger bands, those who released their debut album during the last decade and a half. With your help, we finally came up with a top 5 list of the best bands that rose to fame in the last 15 years. The results await below...

5. Greta Van Fleet

On the 5th spot of this list, we have the young and talented Greta Van Fleet. Now, they are definitely stirring things up quite a bit and it seems no one is indifferent – you either love them or hate them. But that means they're doing something right as these are the same reactions caused by some older legendary bands when they were starting out. Yes, we can't ignore the constant Led Zeppelin comparisons. Well, yeah, Led Zeppelin was panned by the critics back in the day for sounding like other certain blues artists too much.

Either way, Greta Van Fleet are a group of 20-something-year-old musicians with only one EP and one full-length album and are slowly conquering the world. Which is pretty impressive for a new rock 'n' roll band these days that's bringing back classic rock to younger audiences. If they play their cards right and keep on doing what they do, Greta Van Fleet have a very bright future ahead of them.

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  1. I vote for them, they are amazing to me for just playing with the instruments and learning on their own, well not Danny boy, but their #1 in my book, i love you all, Jake,Josh Danny and Sammy you rock guys♥🔥🥁🎸🎼🎤

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