1. We’re so glad to hear that! Thank you for posting, the area where they would have been is pretty destroyed.

  2. Hi I hope someone who knows the guys well can answer. How is this coronavirus affection the album the tour their health? Their crews health, etc? We are concerned because , well you know, all of the precautions the authorities a re giving us. The things you are reading about store shelves are true, as I’m sure your public people have told you. That’s the tip of it. But our concern is for the band and close people. Have you or are you cancelling/ postponing shows? I know it messes up the plan, but it’s all gods plan anyway. Be safe, quarantine yourself for your health and family health, spend it being creative and write more music! Love your music, and you who create it. I have immune issues, I must be home,now. Concerning. Thanks for reading, hope we can get an update on our fave band. Be safe

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