Samuel Francis Kiszka, the garrulous bassist/keyboardist and youngest of the Kiszka siblings, was born on April 3, 1999 in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Sam started playing his dad’s bass at 13 when his mom said that Sam, who was long and lanky, looked like a bass player. It was also about that time when older brother Jake would bring drummer friends home and Josh would sing, and they would pull Sam in to play bass. Sam learned how to play bass in the Motown style.

Sam is also self-taught on the organ and keyboard and has often said he prefers playing them over the bass. He took inspiration from jazz organist Jimmy Smith, who would fill in bass parts on bass petals and play the lower notes with his left hand. Sam prefers jazz and has listed such musicians as James Jamerson and Jack Bruce as influences.

When the band was signed to Lava Records in 2017, the band waited to finalize the deal until Sam turned 18 so he could legally sign all documents as an adult. They also waited until Sam graduated high school (as well as Danny, with both missing their senior prom) for their first major tour supporting The Struts in May of 2017.


“People are doing it for the wrong reasons. They are not doing it to change the world. They are doing it to make money.” – Rolling Stone, January 2018

“People ignore good music because it takes a little extra brain power to listen to, but it’s so much more rewarding.” – Rolling Stone, April 2018

“Music is a very special thing. You can wield a paintbrush or camera and create great art, but music just touches something in everybody.” – The Sydney Morning Herald, January 2019


-Authored by Michelle Dobbins