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Daniel Robert Wagner, the drummer and only non-blood brother of the band, was born on December 29, 1998 in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Danny grew up listening to folk and always knew that he wanted to include music in his life. Unlike the Kiszka brothers, Danny’s interest in music was self-driven. He was the first in his family to have an obsession with music and knew that no matter what he decided to do, he would still work music into his life.

Danny first learned to play the guitar. It wasn’t until he was about 11 when he got his first drum set from his cousin. John Bonham looms large for Danny, but so does Ringo Starr. “They’re my two biggest guys,” he has said. He also lists Carmine Appice, Mitch Mitchell, Michael Shrieve, Alex Van Halen, and Keith Moon as influences. Danny also plays the French horn, piano, ukulele, trumpet and saxophone.

Danny is an avid golfer and went to the state tournament for his high school each year while he was there. He was forced to choose between a career as a professional golfer and musician in October 2013 when he officially joined Greta Van Fleet. Danny, a friend of Sam’s since kindergarten, became the last piece of the Greta Van Fleet puzzle. He joined a year after the group started, but had always been a regular at the Kiszka house for jams and rehearsals. When original drummer Kyle Hauck left the group to pursue college, Danny jumped at the chance to claim his spot.


“We all have similar taste in music and that helps a lot, but at the same time we have these little differences in what we like, and when it comes together it produces this sound. It’s got that classic kind of vibe but it has a lot of soul, a lot of energy, and that’s a huge part of it.” – Sing Me a Story, 2017

“The majority of our songs actually have this way of writing themselves, because they come from everywhere and could come from any one of us. That being said, generally what happens is someone comes up with a concept for a song and we then bring it together and format it and write the rest of what it needs.” – Go Venue Magazine, December 2017

“There is a lot going on but… we’re that grounded. I swear. We don’t know what the heck is going on half the time, but I think it’s for the best.” – Paste, October 2018



-Authored by Michelle Dobbins