Oh My Holy Lord ,The Encore!

This looks like the last video they will be releasing from the shows at Red Rocks last year! Hopefully the full length version will be available soon to purchase. I personally am hoping for some possible interveiws, some footage from them signing the infamous wall back stage and footage of Danny running up all those stairs upon his arrival!

I was lucky enough to travel to see these two shows with a handful of great women I have had the priveledge of meeting through our shared mutual adoration of this throwback Rock n Roll band and it was FAN freakingtabulous! The sound in this venue was like nothing else! The scenery was like nothing else! And of course the bands playing was on point and they played like nothing else! Their suits were amazing! Their families were present which is a whole nother’ level of awesomeness too! They were two majestically magical evenings that will be seared into my memory for ever.

Here it is The Encore, enjoy!

Drop us a comment and tell us your favorite parts!

And make sure to keep a look out for their new single release “My Way Soon” on 10/9.

As always Peace~Love~Unity

~Gail Ann

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