New GVF music in 6 weeks!

Finally some long awaited news on Greta’s 3rd album from Jason Flom!

Let the countdown begin!

~Gail Ann

Video cred: Greta van Fleet Argentina


🚨 NEW GRETA VAN FLEET SINGLE SOON 🚨Jason Flom fundador de Lava Records comentó hoy que habrá nuevo single de Greta en aproximadamente 6 semanas!"Se viene lo nuevo de Greta, el primer sencillo probablemente salga en unas seis semanas. Este álbum es para el récord. Es realmente el álbum que va a cimentar su base y creo que a los fans le va a fascinar"We can't WAIT!!

Posted by Greta Van Fleet Argentina on Saturday, August 15, 2020


  1. A very much needed break in reality with some sweet sounding music from my favorite band…thank you!!

  2. Yeah!! This is exciting news and something we need right now. I knew you all wouldn’t leave us hanging.

  3. From the darkness light appears! Just what is needed in this time of question and hardship. We will continue to wait….patiently…… thank you

    1. Wonder why the single isn’t released right away and the album “ in about 6 weeks”?
      I’m sooo looking forward to new GVF music.
      Anticipation is making me….

  4. So here we are counting down ! Hopefully this cd will be on projected schedual. I may die if it’s further delayed! Shaking in my seat! We are still here for you no matter what is going on in this world. I’m waiting for a positive uplifting and I hope it’s not too much presure to know how much your music lifts us up and keeps us rolling! I hope all has been good in your life ….just know your fans love and support you and your music and are waiting …..trying to be patient!!!! Much love! 2 more weeks? So hard!

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