Luke Bennett’s Phantasmagorical GVF Experience

75315310_719560065197255_7374602380744065024_o caught up with UK resident Luke Bennett as he attended the November shows in Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool & Nottingham and walked away with some amazing memories:

-sharing a piece of his art with Josh, whom he met
-having all four guys sign his guitar pick guard
-taking a selfie with Jake and a Danny photobomb in the background

-catching Danny's drumstick and several setlists


-fantastic photos and videos from front row center on the rail, including...

The short video of GVF covering DON’T LET ME DOWN by The Beatles live in Liverpool!


Luke arrived to the venue all 4 nights about six hours ahead of time and secured a top 10 spot in line, guaranteeing him to get on the rail for each and every show.(He is the envy of rail-riders in the USA who typically need to camp out overnight or arrive 16hrs before showtime to secure their place in the front of the line!).

Here is Luke's commentary on meeting the band after the Newcastle show on November 7: "I met Josh and the band at Newcastle on Thursday. Me, a girl called Wilder and a girl called Beth (gretavanfleetuk on Instagram) waited by their tour bus after the show for around 2-3 hours. Their management thought we were going crazy! Eventually their bus driver came and said “They're coming out in a minute so just be respectful and no photos unless they feel ok taking them”. A few minutes pass, they finally come out and I start talking to Jake, get him to sign my 61’ Gibson Les Paul (Sg) scratch plate. He asks me how long I have been playing for and we just talked about how the tour was going etc. He tells me some tips about playing, the practice routine he uses and gave me a good idea of amp settings. Then I got Danny, Sammy and Josh to sign my scratch plate- had a good chat with them all- can’t remember what they said but their management came out after about 15 minutes and said they had to go so I gave them all one last hug, hand shake and wished them well. I even watched the tour bus disappear down the road."


Luke also had the good fortune of meeting Josh after the Leeds show on November 3 where he gifted Josh with his original artwork to which Josh was very complimentary towards Luke's artistic ability!


When asked about his impressions after meeting the boys, Luke commented "Josh's personality is just so funny, quirky, energetic & just like a big kid, in a good and hilarious manner. Jake is more chill, easy to get along with, great sense of humour, very kind and a gentleman."

See below for a few more souvenirs Luke was lucky to get his hands on!


To watch Luke's video of "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles, covered by GVF, visit this page on


  1. Congrats Luke! You had a wonderful experience that we’re all jealous of! I hope you get to meet them again on the next tour.

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