Leak: “Always There”, new song from GVF

Rumor has it that Greta Van Fleet will be releasing a new single this month called “Always There” which is featured in the 2019 film ‘A Million Little Pieces”.

Listen to the audio clip below and comment- what do you think about the new sound???



    1. I really hope you guys aren’t going to screw this up. Didn’t sound too entertaining to me. It actually sounded very strange. I just hope it turns out being strange in a good way. If not can I get free tickets to go see you guys play your first album? I

  1. I don’t know, yet. I need to hear more. But, to me, it sounds like Josh needs to reel it in some. It sounds like he’s overdoing the vocals just a bit. I’d hate to hear he has damaged vocal cord because of it. Just dial it down a notch or two, Josh. Just some innocent advice.

  2. I think it’s great that they sound a little different than the older recordings, but I don’t think the band is as good as Led Zeppelin- there’s no way they will ever be as good as the mighty Zeppelin!

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