Jake Kiszka – One of “20 Best Guitarists in the World Right Now”

We all knew it, right? Now everyone else is catching on. Great to see Jake on this list and get some well-deserved recognition.

And if anyone needs more convincing, here are some videos that I managed to capture from a few shows this past year as proof. Do it Jakey!

— Michelle

“Watching Over” from Kansas City, September 21, 2019

“Edge of Darkness” from Atlanta, May 13, 2019

“Edge of Darkness” from Atlanta, May 13, 2019

“Black Flag Exposition” from Boston Calling, May 24, 2019

Here’s “Black Flag Exposition” from Atlanta, May 13, 2019, because it’s basically one long guitar solo from Jake.
Of course, “Lover Leaver Taker Believer” has to be on every list. Definitely one of my favorites live and one where Jake truly shines. This whole video from Forest Hills Stadium in NY on May 25, 2019 is amazing.

What are some of your favorite Jake moments? Let us know!

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