Interview with Sam Kiszka @ the Lamborghini factory in Italy

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Sam Kiszka had posters of Lamborgini's on his bedroom wall as a child.

Sam Kiszka plays bass and keys in the American rock band Greta Van Fleet, which he formed with his brothers back in 2012. Seven years later, they are considered one of the most exciting young bands around, and during their European Tour they delighted us with a visit to the place of their childhood dreams. Sam took a factory tour at Automobili Lamborghini and had the chance to drive a very powerful machine, to get some adrenaline pumping before the Bologna leg of their tour…

Sam, you’ve just driven a Huracán EVO, how was it?

It’s one of those really surreal experiences. I think the Aventador came out when I was about 12 and it really hit home with me, it was kind of like the poster on the wall… I’ve always had my eye out for Lamborghini over the years, but this is the first time I’ve ever been to Italy, and getting to drive one is almost surreal.

How did you feel behind the wheel?

It felt very normal until I went off and had to pass a truck, and I just kind of stepped on it as I would in a regular car, and it bolted me to the back of the seat. Tremendous power.

There’s that little breath right before you really take off, so it’s a very, very magical experience.

Did you enjoy the factory visit?

It’s pretty cool going through and seeing the whole factory, and seeing the personal connection that those people have to the vehicles and how painstakingly built they are, you know, with a lot of heart, I felt. And yeah, I think you could really feel that when you’re sitting in the vehicle and, you know, you’re connected to this machine.

Having seen the factory first, it made driving the car a lot more special. You really feel that sensation of a proper Lamborghini family.

You drove in the area surrounding Sant’Agata Bolognese…

I think driving out here was also another interesting thing, because there’s really nothing in this town except for Lamborghini. So it’s very cool to see the really hometown effect. I’m sure people from this area are very proud of Lamborghini.

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