FromTheFires Interview with Troy Castro


  1. Who is Troy Castro?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. When did musisc begin to influence you?
  4. Do you remember a point in time when you realized you wanted music to be a significant part of your life?
  5. You also do marketing/branding? Tell me about that…


  1. Who are your influences? Why?
  2. What instruments do you play?
  3. Favorite artists?
  4. Tell me about your band?
  5. Favorite gig with your band?
Troy comes onstage to untangle the hair from the guitar of Jake Kiszka during their set at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker Park on Friday October 5, 2018. The mishap happened after the guitarist played a solo with the guitar behind his head. [JAY JANNER/AMERICAN-STATESMAN]

Life on the road

  1. In your last position, what was your title?
  2. What were your responsibilities?
  3. Typical day for you?
  4. Favorite gig as a guitar tech? Why?
  5. Favorite city?
  6. What are some boundaries that fans should not cross when trying to meet the band?
  7. Highlights of the road?
  8. Lowlights of the road?


  1. Is there a meaning behind the kilt you wear?
  2. Talk about GVF
    1. Seeing their rise?
    1. What do you think about the critics describing them as LZ rip off?

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