GVF- The Deep Track Collection

FromTheFires.com has compiled all of the delicious deep tracks we could find: unreleased songs, rare covers, demos of the songs we know and love as well as soundboard recording songs from this year’s March of the Peaceful Army tour. Check out the instructions at the bottom to learn how to transfer these songs from your computer to your iPhone to take with you wherever you go!

Click to download LIVE IN CHARLOTTE: Soundboard recording of the entire show

GVF 2012- House of the Rising Sun (The Animals cover)

GVF 2012- Unknown song

GVF 2016- Lover, Leaver, Taker, Believer

GVF 2017- Stompin’ All Down and That’s All Right Mama (covers)

Transferring songs from GoogleDrive, MEGA or YouTube to your iPhone

  1. Getting iTunes ready
    1. You must plug your iPhone into a computer with iTunes
    2. Open iTunes
    3. Complete any updates recommended by your phone or iTunes
    4. You should see your iPhone come up in the menu on the left hand side
      1. See A1 below
  1. Download songs from GoogleDrive OR Mega (linked above)
    1. Google Drive songs –> https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1z-RueRPuGNp-kPwglqYaauq-8AU-QaxJ
    2. I think you will need a Google email address to access these files (it’s very simple and easy to make one, instructions here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/27441?hl=en
    3. Click on each song individually or hold Shift and select the first and last song to select all of them.
    4. Click the three small vertical dots in the top right hand corner
      1. Select “Download”
      2. Remember where you download the files (they usually go to your Desktop or to your Downloads folder)
  1. Download songs from YouTube
    1. Search YouTube for any song you want. Start with the best live version of Age of Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeVnEY3w_1w
    2. Open a window with this website (or you can google “download YouTube audio” and select any other site) https://ytmp3.cc/
    3. Copy the link of the YouTube video into the mp3 converter website and select “Convert” then select “Download”
    4. Save the file and remember where you save it to
      1. It’s likely that a second window will pop open or a dialog box asking you to download/upgrade Adobe will pop up. Ignore that. Once you clicked “Save” and the file is downloading you don’t need to click anything else- the website is just trying to make money from you clicking on advertisements.
  1. Put the songs from your computer into iTunes
    1. In iTunes, select “File” and then “Add to Library”
      1. See A2 below if you’re having trouble
    2. Select the songs you just downloaded
    3. Find the songs (mine go to “Unknown Album” or you can search by Artist to find the songs
  1. Create a Playlist
    1. Go to “File” and select “New” then select “Playlist”
    2. Name your Playlist. It will show up on the left hand menu bar under “Music Playlist”
    3. Find the songs that were added to iTunes; right click them (or press Control and click) and select “Add to Playlist” and choose the playlist you want
  1. Customize the Playlist
    1. When the Playlist is open you will see all the songs you added but the titles of songs may be wrong and there may not be artwork.
      1. Click one time on the blank album artwork; you should see a few options pop up including “Other”. Select that and add a photo of your choosing to create the album artwork. I use the photo below.
      2. You can also click one time on the name of each song to edit the name.


A1. It’s possible you may need to sync your phone and computer so that all music on your phone/computer are same. See a guide here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210612


A2. Apple’s guide to transferring music on your desktop to iTunes: You can see Apple’s step by step guide here: https://support.apple.com/guide/itunes/import-items-already-on-your-computer-itns3081/windows


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