GVF Live at Red Rocks- DVD?

Although this project is under wraps with no one saying much about anything, I’ve confirmed with a reliable source that we can expect to see a Greta Van Fleet: Live at Red Rocks concert film released late Spring/early summer 2020!

Check out the media below for a peak of the crew capturing the Frankenmuth Four’s magic!

-Chris Passmore

ps- Shameless plug, but keep your eyes out for a FromTheFires.com shirt at the show in Philly on 10/16- our team will be there!


  1. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication, Chris! I know that I can always count on you for reliable information!!!

  2. Cannot wait for this, so exciting. Myself, my special needs daughter and son were in the front row. I had given a painting to josh that I did of him. Hoping he got it. It’s going to be wonderful to see this dvd for my daughter! It was her veryb1st concert and we met the most wonderful lady!!!

  3. I was just wondering about this today! Can’t wait to see it!! Love these guys and am missing them so much right now! Thanks for keeping the fires burning and the information coming. Appreciate you, hope you are staying safe!!

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