GVF Concert film- now released!

Chris Passmore and FromTheFires.com presents “Flower Power: A Greta Van Fleet Experience”.

“Hey all, thanks for visiting our site and I hope you enjoy the film! This was definitley a labor of love- I would estimate I spent around 80hrs over the past few months putting this together.

I scoured the internet to find the BEST quality audio of each song. With the help of my buddy Mike I found some soundboard recordings which sounded great! I also added in some reverb on certain tracks and combined audio when necessary. The audio track is overlayed on top of between 2-3 videos so, ocassionaly, you will see the timing of the video/audio is slightly off…but the sound quality to me was the most important thing!

I hope you enjoy this journey 🙂

Peace, love, unity-


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