Early Unreleased Tracks

With the recent anniversaries of the releases of From the Fires (November 10, 2017) and Anthem of the Peaceful Army (October 19, 2018), and the hopes of new music just around the corner, it might be fun to look back on some of the very early unreleased tracks from the band. Which are your favorites and which would you like to see recorded on an upcoming album? My votes go to “Standing On” and “Down to the River.”

— Michelle


  1. OMG!I love all of these.I did know the first song already but way to go covering it!I love all of these.wow thank you guys for bringing me back to life!Can’t wait to see you in Nashville! Ok another LZ!Cool

  2. I bet these seem like a lifetime ago to those boys….
    Awesome songs!
    Love this band and what a pleasure its been watching them grow!
    Thanks Michelle 👭💙

  3. I love all of them so much. Wish I could go back in time and find them back then. I don’t see them redoing any of these now though.

  4. Wow love all of these songs, thanks for this, have loved and wanted success for these guys from the start they are so talented and kind, and have worked so hard, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

  5. They really should do a record of their early music!
    Personally I love the new stuff, but this is really good too, I’d definitely buy a well recorded album or EP of this older music!

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