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Dear Peaceful Army,

It is time to take a stand and live up to the name which Greta Van Fleet has christened us with. This can happen many different ways but, for a start, I am leaving the Greta Van Fleet Army Facebook page created by Michael Javier and I implore you to as well. I do not want to be associated with this person and the beliefs he holds. An Army does not sit back in their chair or at their computer and watch the problems of the world unfold. No. An Army is pro-active. An Army is united in their mission. An Army is one unit of many different people who share a common vision, goal and purpose. An Army is well-trained and well-informed. An Army fights injustice in the world. My friends, it is time to take a stand. We must stand up for each other and we must stand up to those whose values are antiquated. “Oh my brothers we stand, for the peace of the land, is there meaning? I’ve got love in my heart, for an army apart, I am bleeding”. Racism is not always explicit. One does not need to use racial slurs to be racist. One can simply be ignorant of other races and that is, indeed, racism. Color blindness is racist because you refuse, implicitly or explicitly, to acknowledge the different life experiences and challenges another human being has because of the color of their skin. Believing that we live in a free country and each person creates their own destiny, is racist. Racism doesn’t have to be intentional; in fact, it can be a product of our upbringing via culture, media and social status. Regardless, it is our responsibility to recognize our own implicit bias and course correct. How do you change the world? You begin by changing yourself then influencing others around you while summoning the bravery to lose relationships in the name of justice. I do not want to be associated with Michael Javier. I have seen screenshots of his misogyny- commenting on a female rock band that “Hard Rock is a MANS GAME!”. I have seen him call teenagers “cute *smirk face emoji*”. I have seen his post that says “To put blacks above other races is ridiculous just because of their skin color! ALL LIVES MATTER! ALL!”. Finally, he made the decision to block any Facebook members who reposted the band’s video message (the first social media post after months of inactivity) of peace, love, unity and Black Lives Matter. I am so happy to hear that all moderators quit or were ‘fired’ for opposing Michael’s stance on this issue. Miranda Quaile is the sole moderator left in the GVFA page and, Miranda, you are complicit in these injustices as well. So he chose to block members who shared the band’s post as opposed to block, or at least censor, members who were not in support of the band’s Black Lives Matter post. Let that sink in. Let me make this clear: Black Lives Matter. There is racism in our country. There are people who do not believe they are racist who are doing racist things. Censoring posts supporting Black Lives Matter is not ‘keeping the peace’ in a Facebook group but, instead, it is perpetuating systemic racism by stifling those who are passionate about human rights. Black Lives Matter is something that every single human being on the planet can, and should, get behind and support. Period. If you think there is any place, forum, group, message board, group chat, website, publication, show or conversation where it isn’t appropriate to support Black Lives Matter then you need to evaluate your world view and be open to education in order to erase the ignorance. Think about it this way: if you would like to be treated the same way our society treats our black men and women, then stand up and raise your hand. I can imagine you did not do this, and that inaction speaks volumes. Please, I implore you, leave the Greta Van Fleet Army Facebook page to take a stand against implicit bias and racism.  Join the many other fantastic, open and supportive fan sites out there. I will add a personal plug to the page I moderate along side one of the kindest people I have ever met, Sean Michael, who created “The Peaceful Army of Greta Van Fleet”. Sean truly embodies the values of GVF and the sincere care that he has for growing this group into the personification of Peace, Love, Unity is undeniable. Sean, thank you for being a bright light in this world! From this point forward, FromTheFires.com will be periodically posting information on how to support Black Lives Matter. I hope you join us. And most importantly- love each other, learn about our differences, embrace those differences, and find ways to help those around you. One, Chris Passmore #DesertTheGVFA #PeaceLoveUnityEquality


  1. Thank you Chris. I left that group a long time ago due to his apparent contempt for everything GVF stands for. He’s made it very clear he’s only looking to make money off of their name. I have joined the new group and I hope many of the real fans of the band will do the same.
    Peace, love, unity and equality.

    1. It’s a shame because with a platform of 25K+ members, a lot of good vibes can be sent out into the world. But, instead, we will find other small groups of people who want to promote the values of GVF in addition to their music.

  2. Thank you brother, left GVFA myself a few days ago. Also, I am proud to be associated with your group. I love it. It is insane to believe that someone would stifle the boys themselves by not allowing people to share their own personal IG video sharing their view, and I hope that more people wake up and #DesertTheGVFA

  3. Hi there Chris,
    Thank you for the info I’m in a few GVF fan groups on Facebook and earlier tonight I went into one group and were saying pretty the same thing! Just want to let you know I believe the only race to me always has been and always will be the human race, in my eyes we are all in some way related so absolutely I have already signed all the petitions I’ve seen so far I make my posts based on what’s going on usually a cover that is relevant. And there is nothing I wouldn’t do for the band or the real peacful army members like yourself . Thanks to the boys their music and their message they changed my life in ways I can’t even get into let’s just say the saved me. I’m the kinda guy who would do anything I could for any human being I look in people hearts and souls skin color is irrelevant, I almost laughter when you said stand up if you want to be treated like our black brothers because I have done exactly that in the past to set an example and try to make all my family which is our whole race ( human) understand that we are one race ! Anyway sorry I’m so long winded I get this way when I’m passionate about something as I am this. If you need anything that I can help with feel free to contact me, emai or @bassplayer_kev is my Instagram and Facebook is just my full name which you’ll see below! Peace, Love, Unity and equality for us all my brother ☮️🤗😎🤗🙌🏻❤️

  4. Thanks Chris for making a stand by encouraging fans to denounce “The “RACIST ARMY” and for promoting we be an active part of creating a brave new world. Where peace, love, unity and EQUALITY are not only acceptable but a standard we meet to as a society.

  5. Thank you Chris I recently left the group as well there’s a lot of other good Greta Van Fleet fan sites that are very supportive my main reason you can’t divide your beliefs you’re either all lives matter or you’re not you cannot say all lives matter but I don’t support black lives matter, wait a minute ? Isn’t that the definition of racism you can’t say I support you as long as it’s convenient for me and doesn’t challenge my delicate sense of self. You have to take a stand in this world and fight Injustice and racism on all fronts. I wonder what these very people would do if the tides turned and racism knocked at their doors?

    1. We are one and must stand up for our brothers and sisters, particularly the black community, and completely denounce any world views that do not recognize that equality is not equal for all, unfortunately. Hopefully, with enough activism, we will make implicit bias and racism a thing of the past with formal policy changes and an awakening in hearts around the world.

  6. I left GVA a year ago because of trolls. Glad I did considering what’s been going on over there. Also, they’re not the only group who doesn’t support the boys’ message. I belonged to a couple of groups (for a year at least) that are moderated by the same person, who kept removing the first video post from the guys. When I sent her a message simply asking why, I was removed from both groups. Now I notice one group is gone altogether but she’s still moderating the other, while still deleting any post related to the current situation. How can you call yourself a fan if you don’t support the message? This crisis has sure shown the ass of many so-called fans. Having said that, I appreciate your words, Chris Passmore. It’s great to know that there are others who appreciate the not only the music, but the message as well.

    1. Music without a movement is entertainment, which is fine, but GVF is so much more than that! Their music is indeed a movement.

  7. Thank you Chris! You said everything I’ve been feeling from the moment I found out solidarity posts were deleted. Joined the new group, looking forward to sharing joy and good vibes there!

  8. I joined the Peaceful Army because I supported GVF music as well as their message of Peace, Love and Unity….. I did not post often because I lead a busy life, however most of my interactions with others have been positive and pleasant. I had the pleasure of meeting fans at their fantastic show in New Orleans.
    However , I can say some of the post..negative ones left me saddened because I knew although we should have the freedom to say whatever we like, there were times when certain comments just should not have happened. I am pleased with what you have done here Chris and hoping that this new fan page is as it should be ….peace, love, unity , standing as one with this message and helping to eradicate systematic racism. I think many times understanding comes through listening….more than anything…..so I pray during this historical opportunity to make REAL changes we all learn to listen, internalize the pain that racism causes and when we look the other way, we are complicit and part of the problem.

  9. Thanks for starting this site, Chris! I pray that their generation will be able to accomplish what my generation and my parents’ was not able to.

  10. This is amazing .it takes courage to do what’s right . Thank you for exposing the truth.we must unite for a better world and the time is NOW.there is no room left for systematic racism ,discrimination and bigotry . Thank you

  11. Thank you Chris.
    At first I myself couldnt understand what MJ was doing?? Then over time and observance it all became clear.
    With all of us gone, I too got the boot, I hope his fake Army disintegrates.
    He is a disappointment as a person.
    I want to send back all the merch he promoted that I purchased. I was in his 1st 100 members.
    It means nothing to me now.
    But I know we will become a stronger for it.
    We support Greta Van Fleet as a Band and the message they share with the world. They will continue to Amaze us with their talents and who they are as Human Beings sharing their message of Love.

  12. Chris right on.
    I just left FOGVF. For the same reasons. These are good words and we’ve come to an important moment today. Keep up the good work.

    In peace.

  13. Just wanted to let you all know that the other person mentioned Miranda Quaile, left as a mod in the GVFA is a fake account of Michael’s. He has at least 5 accounts.

  14. Thank you for all this Chris!! I couldn’t be more agree with you! Music is a powerful way to change things and i would be very dissapointed if the boys wouldnt say anything about it. Keep spreading this beautiful message!! Regards with all my love for all u from Spain ✌🏾

  15. Haha, im Miranda’s soon to be ex husband, I introduced her to the band
    n 2017… Ive got a signed setlist (handwritten) I’d like to raffle off, an being I was never a part of their silly lil army, I’m well aware of their antics. Hoping the guys drop something new soon…peace n love I just lost 250lbs….when she moved out last week lmao \m/

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