Greta Van Fleet 2019 Tour- North America Venue Ratings

I’ve compiled all North American shows into a spreadsheet and rated each venue on the awesomensss/closeness of their rail (front row) to the stage while taking into account the distance from and height of stage. I also noted the price for GA/front row tickets (I only went through Ticketmaster website, not StubHub).

Overkill, right? Oops.

Link to the file.

Hopefully this will help out some of you Gretavanatics with your Fleeting trips to see the guys across the continent!

To clarify…10 is highly rated and 1 is poor. I judged this based upon the view of the stage from the front row. A 10 means there is little separation between the stage and the front row and you would likely be able to shake the band’s hands from the stage. A 5, for example, means that there is a large separation and/or the stage is high and there is no way you’ll be close enough to touch the stage or the band. Ratings are subjective and only regarding the front row/pit…not a judgment on the entire venue.

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