I’ve been debating for a few days whether I should write this post or not. But, ultimately, this is something so egregious that I cannot bite my tongue- especially when it goes against the values of peace, love, unity AND equality exactly on Juneteenth.

Many of you may know Michael Insuaste, Michael Javier, or any of his other several alias’s. He created the Facebook group “Greta Van Fleet Army” and the group has grown to 25K+ members. It was THE place to get your fill of all things Greta Van Fleet.
You can see my previous post here for more context. In summary, Michael and Miranda Quaile are running the Greta Van Fleet Army page with censorship on anything supporting Black Lives Matter. It’s also come out, with screenshots to prove it, that Michael has strong misogynistic tendencies and overtly flirted with an underage girl. The Friends of Greta Van Fleet page founder, Susan Lewis, has also posted numerous times showing her disdain for Black Lives Matter and making plenty of comments full of ignorance.
Yes, politics is divisive. Left vs Right, Republican vs Democrat. Fortunately, in the GVF community, these differences rarely cause issues because we all march to the beating of one heart. As I said in a previous post, Black Lives Matter is an ethical discussion- not a political one. FromTheFires.com and the Facebook group The Peaceful Army of Greta Van Fleet proudly and unequivocally support Black Lives Matter.
Look at the photos below. Michael went on to create an “UnPeaceful Army” page where he can spew his ignorance and bathe in his filth of racism. He also created a group that has an identical name to the one I run with Sean Michael. Childish antics on behalf of Michael. Fortunately (but also unfortunately) there are only ~35 members and Susan Boles is the only person proudly posting to promote her ignorance.
The posts below are not only wrong, they are racist. THIS IS WHAT RACISM LOOKS LIKE. Racism doesn’t need to dress in a white sheet and hood. Racism doesn’t need to use the N word or feel disgust when looking at someone who is a different color. Racism can simply be the absence of empathy and understanding for the different life experiences and history of a particular race. Also note how Michael only posts photos or videos of black people committing a crime and generalizes Black Lives Matter as being responsible for these individual’s actions. He is fear mongering. Susan Boles also highlighted an excellent example of how naive some can be to believe “fake news” and spreading insulting conspiracy theories.
I get absolutely NO joy in writing this post or calling out these individuals. I’m a pacifist and prefer to live and let live; but, with the racial divide our country is battling right now, I am committed to denouncing racism when I see it.
I share the pictures below with you all for two reasons: to show what racism looks like and to publicly denounce and call out those who support these wretched values. It is our responsibility- you and me- to identify racism and make it known that it is NOT ok.
Michael, I know you are on my site, so here’s a message to you: if you want to engage in some intellectual dialogue to rationally explain your point of view while being open to hearing mine, then call my cell at 401-261-6357.
I am also offering you $500 Donation to the Black Lives Matter for you to take this disgusting page down.


  1. Sorry Chris, you have me confused.
    You wrote “ I am also offering you $500 Donation to the Black Lives Matter for you to take this disgusting page down.”

    Are you donating $500 to BLM or are you giving Michael the $500 to take down his Unpeaceful Army webpage?

  2. Thank you for deliberately and unequivocally saying this. It has been agonizing for me to see such hate from within and such negativity directed at the boys. They are kind, talented, intelligent, giving young men and I know the vast majority of the GVF fans feel this way. Thanks for being our voice.

  3. I’m glad someone makes formal the rejection of that person (not worth writing one of his names here). I could not believe what was happening in that infamous group, and I consider what he/they did a hijacking of the band many of us love and appreciate, then they turned around and spit on the band members and stabbed them in the back. All I want is for the band to know about this man and maybe make fans aware of the trap that was set for fans who go there with an open heart and find a racist hateful type of censorship that does not in any way reflect the music or the people behind the music.

  4. Thank you Chris. The very moment when humans start referring to other humans as “Those people” or ” you know, that retarded kid” or any other type of name calling they’ve dehumanized their targets. They believe in this type of behavior and in doing so their targets are no longer humans, but rather something to be ridiculed or feared. Keep up the good work.
    Josh, Jake, Sam and Danny all believe and follow the Peace, Love, Unity mantra. It’s not some corporate algorithm.

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